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Granny flats are one of the most popular real estate trends that have helped millions of homeowners around the world accommodate larger living spaces within their existing property. The sudden rise in the demand for granny flats over the last decade may be attributed to the steep home mortgages and demand for affordable extended family accommodation, which has sparked the urgent need for viable investing and smarter living. If you are planning to build a granny flat for your home in Australia, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you stay on track all the way through:

 1. Connect with the right builder

The first step towards realising your dream of a granny flat is researching the various options available in the market and connecting with a professional builder that has substantial experience and a good reputation for granny flat construction. Visiting the display home village to see some live examples of the granny flat options.

Once you connect with a builder, you can explain to them what is it that you want and also get an estimate of how much it will cost you. You can also discuss other important factors such as your budget, your preferences, any mobility/accessibility requirements or concerns and so on. Doing this will help you achieve greater clarity of how your dream project will turn out and whether the builder can meet your specifications.

2. Do your research

Once you have decided on a builder, got an estimate then the next step is for them to work together with you to arrange any required plans or permits to meet applicable regulations and laws associated with granny flat construction. They will help clarify any restrictions on the size of land that you want to build your granny flat on. As such, the local laws may require all granny flats to have their separate bathroom, entrance, living area and cooking area. Since granny flats are governed by the National Construction Code of Australia, they must also stick to the Australian Standards of construction. Victoria in particular has very strict regulation on building granny flats so it’s best to speak to a professional who can give you all the accurate advice you need.

3. Get an estimate

It is always advisable to get a comprehensive understanding of the type of expenditure that you would be required to make on a granny flat construction before you decide to go ahead with the project. The cost of building a granny flat will depend on a variety of basic factors, such as the design and size of the structure. In addition to this, you will be required to take into consideration a number of other factors as well such as the quality of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, the number of bedrooms included, the type of quality of interior and exterior build materials, type of flooring, amount of labour required and so on. Perhaps there are some steps that you are capable and qualified to do yourself or with the help of family/friends to help reduce cost.

4. Start with the construction

Once you get all the required approvals and finalise on a budget, you can provide a green light to your builder and other employees that they can go ahead with the actual construction process. First the site will be prepared for construction by removing any obstacles of debris in the area. The site may need to be excavated, and the construction of the granny flat would begin.

Planning ahead of the actual construction process will help you in streamlining the granny flat building process and minimising any pitfalls that might otherwise come your way.

Done right, with a quality builder like Willow Grove Homes & Granny Flats, the whole process of building your new granny flat will take 10 weeks for the build (not including permits and paperwork).

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