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December 4, 2018
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What Should You Look for When Hiring a Granny Flat Builder?

Space is one of the biggest concerns for most of the homeowners living in urban neighbourhoods. With the skyrocketing costs of real estate, both in the cities as well as the suburbs, buyers often need to settle for lesser square footage than they would usually want. If you, too, are looking to expand your living areas, then granny flats may be the most suitable option for you.

For the uninitiated, a granny flat may be defined as a self-contained living area that is typically built near a single-family dwelling. A granny flat is portable/transportable and can serve as a cost-effective solution for accommodating additional family members, growing kids, ageing parents and so on. However, when you’re thinking of hiring a granny flat builder, there are a few important things that you should consider.

1. Are your granny flat builders registered?

One of the most important aspects to consider while hiring a professional granny flat builder is whether the work is done by registered builders. The requirements for granny flat builders in Australia vary from one state/territory to another. As such, it is imperative to check with your chosen builder whether they hold the correct qualifications (and insurances) that permit them to offer their services in your area.

2. Do they arrange your permit requirements?

One of the most daunting tasks before beginning construction on a new granny flat is getting the appropriate plans and permits approved by your local council and governing bodies. Good news! When you pick the right builders for your granny flat, all the plans and permits (and the headache that can go with them) should be arranged by your builders!

3. Do they offer a guarantee for their work?

A simple construction defect, if unheeded, can go on to progress into an issue of great magnitude in the long run. It’s essential that your granny flat builder provides you quality workmanship that gives you years of trouble-free performance after construction. For example, with Willow Grove Homes & Granny Flats, there is a 6.5 year builder’s guarantee on all building work and a 10 year structural warranty.

4. Do they specialise in granny flat construction?

Since home building requires a substantial investment on your part, it is always advisable to look for a professional builder who bears sufficient experience in the type of construction you are looking for. Choosing a builder that specialises in granny flat construction and has successfully handled many similar projects in the past, and can provide testimonials or referrals of their satisfied customers, will give you greater peace of mind that you are likely to be happy with your new granny flat. Your dream project should not end up being an experimental run for your chosen builder!

5. Do they take care of the entire process?

Building a granny flat is a big job and when selecting granny flat builders, you should consider if they will do the entire process for you or do they only take care of the parts they deem relevant to them. It’s always a more seamless process when you hire a builder who specialises in the whole process not just the building part.

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