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December 11, 2018
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May 21, 2019

What’s Included in a Luxury Granny Flat Design?

Granny flats are fast becoming a norm across many urban and suburban homes in Australia. The reason for this shift in home construction trends is the fact that with the rising real estate costs and steep mortgage rates, buyers are often driven to purchase properties smaller than they would want and need and at the same time, there’s an increasing need for affordable options for extended families.

As such, granny flats provide a cost-effective and convenient solution to expanding your living areas and making more space for accommodating your growing kids and ageing parents. More and more families these days are opting for dual dwellings in order to accommodate their ailing parents or supporting their children while they save for their home deposit. In addition to this, these granny flats also prove to be an excellent investment for those who wish to earn a secondary income by renting the space out to tenants (if this is allowed within your jurisdiction).

What are luxury granny flats?

While most people believe that granny flats are nothing more than an additional living space on the same lot as their existing dwelling, modern granny flats offer homeowners the opportunity to upgrade their lifestyle and experience luxury living.

There are tons of professionals and reputed home builders these days that offer luxury granny flat designs for buyers that do not want to compromise on quality but still want good value for money. Homeowners these days will invest a little more to get true quality granny flat accommodation, with an entire package of modern amenities and conveniences.

Depending on the stipulations in your jurisdiction, you can use your luxury granny flat as a rentable dwelling, a peaceful retirement home, a hobby studio, a home office, a rec room and so much more.

What do luxury granny flats include?

As the names suggest, luxury granny flats are designed to offer premium comforts and world-class accommodation to homeowners.

Luxury granny flats use superior-quality raw materials and fine craftsmanship, such as using Australian-made building materials, Stegbar windows, 90mm frames instead of the 70mm bare minimum, a pitched roof and merbau hardwood decking like Willow Grove Homes & Granny Flats does.

It may cost a little more than the bargain basement granny flats, but it should be built to provide better comfort, usability, sustainability and also could prove to be an excellent value addition to your existing residential property in the market.

Here are a few attractive features typically found in a luxury granny flat;

  • Multiple bedrooms

    Most luxury granny flats come with the option for either 1 bedroom granny flat, 2 bedroom granny flat or even multi-bedroom layouts with a 3 bedroom granny flat option. Each of these bedrooms is fairly spacious in size and usually very convenient for family use.
  • Construction quality

    As one might imagine, luxury granny flats are designed from superior quality, top of the line raw materials that reduce the risk of structural damage and ensure years of peace of mind.
  • Tasteful interiors

    In addition to greater structural integrity, luxury granny flats also rank above standard granny flats in their sleek and tasteful furnishings, premium quality floorings, low VOC paints and more. The interiors may also be done up in a spacious open-plan layout to further enhance the look and usability of the flat.

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