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February 5, 2019
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April 2, 2020

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Granny Flat?

Granny flats, also known as granny pods, bungalows, cottages, in-law apartments, studios and ‘man sheds’ are secondary self-contained living units which can be built adjacent to a single-family home. The cost required to build a granny flat depends on various factors; most important among them being:

  • The size of the granny flat – is it one, two or three bedrooms?
  • The location of the granny flat – are there complex building challenges?
  • Extras and special features – do you have things like accessibility requirements?

Granny flats can be tailored for your needs, such as providing wheelchair accessibility via a ramp. Upon request our granny flats can also have handrail supports installed in the bathrooms and showers, places that can be challenging or risky for those who might face trouble walking or maintaining their balance. If you are hiring a quality granny flat builder then they will specifically advise you on the areas which will need these amenities so that you can ensure the granny flat meets your needs and provides a safe and accessible living space.

While granny flat kits are available, custom-built homes are a significantly higher quality and come with warranties as they are completed by certified builders with years and years of experience (and hundreds of happy customers).

Granny flats are available in multiple layouts and sizes, right from cozy one-bedroom variants to luxurious three-bedroom options. Although the name might make it seem primarily as an accommodation for mature aged adults or grandparents, granny flats can also be used as separate living spaces for young adults and may also be used for renting out to tenants or listing on short term accommodation sites like Airbnb, provided the local council allows for this. Granny flats can provide a great return on investment and as such, when you are planning to spend on building a granny flat, quality, durability and low maintenance should be factors you consider.

A 2-bedroom granny flat with one bathroom can start from $108,000, however it depends on the size and extras needed. When studying quotes from granny flat builders, make it a point to see if they include all the plans and permits that are necessary to start building your new home.

Overall, the cost of the granny flat will depend mostly on your requirements. However, it can also be the perfect home to suit your family’s needs.